Winter Activities to Keep the Kids Busy

by Shelby

Covid-19 continues to require us to change our plans which means nowhere to go and nothing to do. With kids, this can be particularly difficult. Keeping them from getting bored means getting quite creative. Now with winter upon us, things could get more difficult on cold, snowy days. I've made a list of indoor activities for cold days and unique outdoor activities to keep the kids entertained.

Indoor Activities


Homemade "Sparkly Winter" Playdough

I know what you're thinking, this sounds like a mess. Well, I found a recipe that is only 2 ingredients! You only need cornstarch and hair conditioner (and some blue glitter for the "winter" effect). Here is exactly how to make it.

Balloon Tennis/Volleyball

This activity is exactly how it sounds, playing tennis with balloons! However, because it's indoors, tennis rackets may not be the best idea, so alternatives can be used. Fly swatters, empty paper towel rolls, a paper plate on a ruler, or just using your hands will work.

You can make a line on the floor to separate two sides, or you can all just bump the balloon around for fun. My family is pretty competitive, and to avoid fighting we always played "just for fun" without keeping score. We always shared many laughs doing this activity!

Classic Board Games

We all have board games that were our favorite when we were younger. Of course, this may cost more than the other activities. Most can be found for under $10 and a few are around $15. But it's an investment that you can use all year long!

Here are some suggestions: Don't Break the Ice, Don't Spill the Bean, Sorry!, Connect4, Operation, Candy Land, Trouble, Monopoly Jr., and Clue.

Outdoor Activities

When we think of outdoor winter activities, we usually think of sledding, building a snowman, a snowball fight or going to see a holiday light display. The list below includes some fun activities that are new and different for your kids to try!

Decorate a Random Tree in a Park

Go for a walk to your favorite park and bring tree decorations with. We always use dollar store ornaments that are plastic. This way, the ornaments won't break and they won't cost you very much. It's a simple way to brighten up the park that might also brighten up someone's day!

Homemade Holiday Cards for the Neighbors

This is an outdoor and indoor activity! Have the kids draw and color a homemade card. It can be decked out as much as you want. Walk around your neighborhood and drop them off outside the door. You can respect social distancing by leaving it for them to find when they get home. A simple gesture can change someone's whole day, especially those that are struggling during the pandemic.

Non-Traditional Snow Creations (if we ever get snow)

Of course, making a classic snowman is fun. But maybe to keep the kids busy for awhile longer, you can challenge them (and yourself) to try to create something new. It may not turn out as you imagine but at least is something new and fun to try! Here are some great ideas to try to create!

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