Cooperative Advantage

Cooperative Advantage offers the Chippewa Valley a brand new Institutional Special Needs Plan (HMO I-SNP).

We are dedicated to providing our members with personalized care to keep you healthy and happy. Cooperative Advantage is a Medicare Advantage plan, meaning members get all of the benefits covered by Medicare Part A, Part B and Part D Prescription Drug coverage, with the added benefit a centralized care team to develop and carry out your personalized care plan.

If you or a loved one have Medicare and live in a qualifying nursing home or assisted living facility, you are eligible to join Cooperative Advantage.

Membership benefits include:

  • Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Preventative screenings
  • A personalized care plan, coordinated by a Nurse Practitioner, leading to fewer trips to the hospital
  • Clear, open line of communication between you, your family, and your care team

Plan Options with Cooperative Advantage

Cooperative Advantage

Cooperative Advantage I-SNP is for individuals who have Medicare Part A and Part B, reside in a participating nursing home or assisted living facility, and qualify for Wisconsin Medicaid.

Cooperative Advantage Premium

Cooperative Advantage Premium is suited for people who reside in one of our participating assisted living or nursing homes and require an institutional level of care. This includes all of the benefits of Original Medicare, support from our interdisciplinary care team, and additional covered services, including:

  • Transportation (up to 12 one-way trips to plan-approved Health Facility)
  • Vision Exams and Eyeglasses
  • Dental Coverage
  • Hearing Tests and Hearing Aids
  • And more!

Enrollment and Eligibility

Enrollment Period

Open Enrollment for Institutional Individuals (OEPI) is continuous, meaning eligible individuals interested in becoming members Cooperative Advantage and Cooperative Advantage Premium can join at any time.

Eligibility Requirements

To enroll in Cooperative Advantage, you must have Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, require an institutional level of care, and reside in a participating Cooperative Advantage nursing home or assisted living facility.

Service Area and Participating Facilities

Cooperative Advantage currently serves the following counties and facilities in Northwest Wisconsin.

Barron County

Dove Healthcare – Rice Lake

Dove Healthcare – Barron Assisted Living

Chippewa County

Dove Healthcare – Wissota Health and Regional Vent Center

Dove Healthcare – Bloomer

Dove Healthcare – Rutledge Home

Eau Claire County

Dove Healthcare – West Eau Claire

Dove Healthcare – South Eau Claire

Dove Healthcare – Orchard Hills

Trempaleau County

Dove Healthcare – Osseo

Cooperative Advantage Resources

Below are available resources to help you get the most out of your health plan. They’ll help you learn more about benefits offered and how Cooperative Advantage is here for you.

Ready to Enroll?

Interested in what Cooperative Advantage has to offer? Download our enrollment form or contact us at (888) 203-7770 / TTY 711 for additional assistance. You may also use our Contact form to request for a representative to reach out to you.

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