Family Health and Fitness Day USA

by Kayla
As you make your plans for what you are going to do this weekend, why not sprinkle in something fun that can improve your family’s health and fitness? Family Health and Fitness Day USA is this Sunday, September 29th.  Even if you can’t celebrate this weekend, find a day to try something new with your family. Here are 5 examples of activities that the whole family can do to work towards better health. You might be surprised how much fun everyone will have with some of these!

Go on a family walk – scavenger hunt style.

This isn’t just your average walk around the park! Before going out for a walk make a list of things you might find in your neighborhood and see how many you can find along the way. Not only does this get you and your family moving, but it will allow you to live in the moment and be more present with your family. For some inspiration follow this link for an example of a scavenger hunt.

Plan, create, and eat a meal together.

Kids can cook too! Find a new recipe to try and get everyone busy helping prepare it. More often than not, if kids put the work into preparing the meal and see how it’s made, they are more likely to at least try it. Sit down and eat the meal together and try out our favorite conversation starter “Best, worst, and weirdest.” Where each person explains the best part of their day, the worst part of their day and the weirdest part of their day.

Play Tag! 

This doesn’t have to be just a schoolyard game! Have you ever played Band-Aid tag? It’s super fun! If you get tagged, you cover the area where you were tagged with one of your hands (or “band-aids”) and you continue playing with one hand free. If you get tagged again, you cover that spot with your other hand and continue playing. If you get tagged a third time, you need to go to the designated area for the “hospital” and do something to get out, like 5 squats, 10 jumping jacks, 10 high kicks, etc. Depending on how many people you have playing, you can have one person designated as “it” or you can have a free for all and all try and tag each other.

Do a 5K Run/Walk 

There are lots of them around this time of year! Guess what!? You can do one on Sunday by participating in the Runn’n on the River 5K. Not only do the have a 5k, but they also have a ¼ mile river run for 5-8 year old’s and the 75 yard Minnow dash for 1-4 year old’s. To keep the ball rolling, be sure to register for our 5k Run/Walk the Haunted Hustle on October 19th!

Freeze Dance

Turn on your family’s favorite tunes and get everyone dancing. When you stop the music, everyone has to freeze! You can make this competitive if you want, but just seeing the goofy position everyone freezes in is enough entertainment in itself. Your family gets to move and be active, while enjoying some time laughing together as well.
Let’s hear it, what do you and your family like to do for fun together that supports your health and wellness?

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