Tips for a Happy, Healthy Halloween

by Kayla

It’s that exciting time of year when we can dress up as someone other than ourselves (unless you are some form of a performer, then you have the ability year-round 😊). Make the best of it! But be sure to stay safe. Here are a few helpful tips to ensure a fun and safe Halloween.    

  1. Fill your belly with good food before you hit the streets for trick or treating. Check out this Jack-O-Lantern Stuffed Peppers recipe to get you in the spirit!
  2. Make yourself bright! Add reflective strips to clothing or carry a flashlight.
  3. Travel in groups! The more the merrier. Also, have at least one adult present in the group! If you have older kids, follow them at a safe, but not embarrassing distance).
  4. Make sure the kids know to NEVER enter a home.
  5. Cross the street in designated crossing areas.
  6. Check ALL candy and treats before eating.


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