My Warm Drink Favorites

by Sarah
The seasons are changing and it's starting to get a little chillier around here. One way that I like to warm up during the cooler months is to enjoy some low-calorie warm drinks. You may have read about some of my sparkling water favorites. Well, now it's time for me to share some of my warm drink favorites!
  • Alpine Sugar Free Spiced Apple Cider Mix -- This sugar free drink comes in pouches that can be easily added to hot water. Each pouch is only 15 calories and tastes very similar to the original version of this drink, which has 80 calories per pouch. 
  • Good Earth "Mango Me Crazy" White Tea-- If you read my sparkling water favorites blog, you'll know that I love anything peach or mango. This tea is definitely one of my favorites because it is very flavorful with mango and is delicious on a cold day. This is also one of Coach Kayla's favorites as well!
  • TAZO Passion Tea-- This passion fruit flavored tea tastes so yummy! When I make it, I don't typically steep this tea for as long as directed on the package because the flavor is so pronounced, but feel free to try it however you like it!
Since I am somewhat caffeine sensitive, all these suggestions are either caffeine free or very lightly caffeinated. That means that I can enjoy these drinks any time, especially after a long day without worrying about my sleep being disrupted. Give these warm, low-calorie drinks a try and see what you think!

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