My Sparkling Water Favorites-Part Two

by Sarah
Memorial Day weekend is upon us! As we remember those who have lost their lives during active military service, we are often surrounded by friends and family and many festivities that take place over the three-day weekend. Some of these festivities include but are not limited to parades, barbecues, boating, and bonfires!

So how do we make sure we stay hydrated while also keeping our liquid calories in check? In one of my previous blogs, I mentioned a few tasty sparkling water optioins that help me stay on track with my nutrition goals. Remembering these goals can be especially important throughout the summer because we will always have upcoming events like graduation parties, bridal showers, family reunions, etc.

Here are a few more of my favorite sparkling water flavors and brands:
  • Bubly Sparkling Water--Lime: This is a flavor that I always keep on hand at home. This can be a nice treat on a hot day, or if I want something sweet with or after a meal instead of a soda. To me, it tastes like a lightened version of Sprite or 7Up without all the extra sugar.
  • Dasani Sparkling Water--Berry: As I mentioned in my previous blog, Dasani sparkling water doesn't seem to be as sweet as other brands, but still gives more variety than just plain water. The berry flavor is refreshing, especially when ice cold!
  • Polar Seltzer Water--Cranberry Lime: Wow! This unique flavor reminds me of the seasonal Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash soda, but again, without all the sugar. This may be something to remember when the Christmas season rolls around!
Just because it is a holiday weekend doesn't mean we have to throw our nutrition goals out the window. Give a few of these zero calorie options a try!

Be Well,

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