Coach Megan's Fall Favorites

by Megan
These temperatures have been all over the place. It was perfect for a sweatshirt, warm cup of tea and a blanket last night, but I see 70s in the forecast for next week.

I’m enjoying this transitional period right now. There aren’t a lot of activities we’re not doing due to COVID-19 so we’ve been keeping ourselves entertained at home. Here are some things I've been enjoying lately. 


Every time it starts to feel like fall, I start making soups and chili, despite my husband telling me it's still summer. Here's a blog post that has some of the recipes I rotate through the full.


Jumping rope in the garage has become a very new workout while at home. The kids like to play in the garage so they’ll let me have a few minutes to exercise. I did buy a jump rope for my 4 year old thinking it would tire him out but he just used it as a toy. I try to jump for as long as they kids will let me, say 1-5 minutes, then rest, then repeat as many times as I can. It’s a great inexpensive workout if you’re looking for something new.


There is something so relaxing about curling up with a good book before bed, tv just seems to ramp me up so I’ve been reading for 10-20 minutes each night before falling asleep. I love thrillers and true crime novels best and my mom recently gave me a book written by William Kent Krueger which has been more enjoyable because he’s a Twin Cities based writer and the plots of his books take place in Minnesota. The one I’m reading right now, Desolation Mountain, takes place in the northern Minnesota/Wisconsin area so check him out and you may recognize some of the surroundings in the stories.

Stay healthy and enjoy your pumpkin-flavored *insert any type of food/drink here*!

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