A Halloween Treat Transition

by Sarah

This year for Halloween I decided that our household would make a healthy switch for our trick-or-treaters. As much as I love seeing all the costumes and maybe even enjoying an occasional treat or two, I feel that I may be to doing a disservice to the trick-or treaters (and their parents) who may be tempted by the leftover candy in their homes.

I decided to make a small transition in the treats that we will be giving out this year– a mixture of some candy but mostly glow stick bracelets. I debated on making this change because, let’s face it, candy is what the kids want, right? The more I thought about it, the more I realized that these treats may be equally appealing to trick-or-treaters and parents alike. A piece of candy may taste good, but only lasts a few minutes and will stay in the house for a longer amount of time. A glow stick may only last for one night, but it will help trick-or-treaters be more visible in the dark. When I put things into this perspective, the transition of treats was an easy decision. (And the glow sticks were even cheaper than the candy!) This decision will not only help the trick-or-treaters be a little healthier and safer, but also allow their parents to stick to their wellness goals in the long run.

Are you looking to give out healthier treats this Halloween? Check out Coach Megan’s blog for more healthy treat ideas.

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