Recipe Round-up: Stuffed Peppers Edition

by Megan

Doing our latest grocery trip my husband said he was craving some stuffed peppers, which surprised me because although I’ve made them once (and I loved them!) I didn’t know that he was overly enthusiastic about the dish. With the weather getting colder the thought of sitting down to a warm meal fresh out of the oven sounds enticing. If you’re looking for something similar for dinner check out the stuffed pepper recipe round up below!

Betty Crocker’s version

Quinoa stuffed peppers (the first recipe I tried- got a thumbs up from me)

Vegan quinoa stuffed peppers

Black beans and jalapenos

Thai-style chicken stuffed peppers Yum!

I think stuffed pepper recipes are great for getting more vegetables into a meal without having to eat a salad, because I’ve admitted I don’t exactly love salads. If you share those same feelings try one of these recipes, I promise you’ll find one you and the family enjoy.



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