Finding Your Happy Weight

by Megan
Do you know what your happy weight is?

I guess I just assumed it was the weight I put on my driver’s license but apparently it’s a term to describe the weight at which you feel your best, you eat healthful foods but don’t obsess about it, and is a weight that’s easy to maintain.

I suppose that makes sense for most people. The only part I might argue with is the part about the weight being easy to maintain, just because it’s so easy to gain weight – we have so much food around us all the time, usually high calorie/low nutrient products- and it’s so easy to spend a large portion of the day sitting, whether it’s at work or in the car.

For me personally, my healthy weight is the one I’m at when I’m eating enough and not too much, exercising 5 days a week, sleeping about 7 hours a night, and just generally feeling fairly energetic during most of the day.

Currently, I’m not at my happy weight but that would make sense as I haven’t been running and lifting like I had been and quite frankly, it’s time for me to prioritize those activities.

There are different seasons of life and for this past season I was really enjoying cuddling on the couch with my kids and sleeping. I’ve only had two kids but I tell you, now that they are older and sleeping more, I had been enjoying sleeping more myself, catching up I suppose.

My husband and I have been eating pretty well, we cook often and limit eating at restaurants to once a week but we haven’t been making time for our exercise.

So, anyways, I’m ready to get back to the habits that helped me get to and maintain my healthy and happy weight. That means that I’m up at 4:30am, sipping a cup of coffee as I get ready to exercise. It’s not fun waking up at that hour but it’s worth the momentary discomfort because when I get my workout in and shower before the kids wake up it sets my day off on a great note.

When I woke up to my kids or husband, I felt like I was already behind in my day so this change has been really helpful for me.

So whether or not I hit a magic number on the scale, I think just committing to these habits has already made me happy, which perhaps is the real goal.

What do you do to maintain your happy weight?

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