Black Socks

by Joanna

Coach Megan recently blogged about her run essentials and mentioned socks as her first item.  What is it with socks lately?   Everyone is talking about socks – including me.


For me, there are different socks for different occasions:


I have two favorite.  My old favorite, are the Asics Intensity Low Cut socks.  They have a nice little cushion on the heel.  My NEW favorite, are the Keen Womens Zip Hyperlite No Show socks.  I like then because they are wool, breathable and lightweight but they are waaaay more expensive than the Asics.  I’ll keep them in mind if anyone asks me what I want for Christmas.


Not that any activity is a fashion show, but hiking is definitely not one. When you are out there for hours, who the heck care what you look like as long as you are comfortable. Again, I like the Keen socks, specifically the Olympus Medium Crew sock.  It’s a medium weight wool sock and is super comfy.  Like the Keen running socks, they are pricey, but these babies are guaranteed for life.


Here is where I spare no expense.  Just kidding.  Here is where I spend the least.  All I need is a pair of knee socks so my sweaty pads don’t touch my legs. And since no one sees them except for my teammates before putting on my gear, it’s fun to get crazy patters like below.  I believe I purchased these from Target.  $3.



So what’s my point? I don’t have one. I am just wondering why everyone is talking about socks. But here’s why I think it’s such a hot topic: black socks are a trend.  WHAT??  Yes. Why?  I have no idea why, probably because I’m not a guy, specifically not a teenage boy.  I’ve noticed that at high school athletic events, black crew socks are everywhere. And in public, teenagers are wearing black socks…with sandals.  I don’t get it.  It’s the in thing to do right now. 


Other people must be wondering the same thing.  When I tried a search in Google, this is what happened.



Is it because some popular athletes have been spotted wearing this phenomenon?  Is it because certain manufacturers are trailblazing this crazy idea?  I realized this was a real “thing” when I saw Chris Powell , personal trainer on the ABC show Extreme Weight Loss, wearing black crew socks with his workout clothes.  Check out his 9 Minute Mission: Drill Sergeant workout video and tell me you aren’t distracted by his socks.  Even his personal trainer wife took to the internet to address questions about why her famous husband sports the look


What are your thoughts?  Have you seen this trend?  I’m really curious, as you can tell.   Also, I want to know if socks are as big of a deal to you as they apparently are to me.  I’m guessing not!



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