State of Wisconsin/ETF

Group Health Insurance Program.


Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative, a health plan network offering through Group Health Cooperative of Eau Claire.

Welcome to our Cooperative

Thank you for choosing Group Health Cooperative of Eau Claire, Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative network. Group Health Cooperative of Eau Claire and Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative are proud to partner in offering this unique cooperative-based health insurance offering for State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance members like you. Group Health Cooperative of Eau Claire has served ETF members since the late 1980s, providing experience and trusted service to our members. Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative has a strong reputation for member-focused service and an expansive network on the Eastern side of Wisconsin, allowing for our two cooperatives to work together to provide the highest quality experience and care to our membership. Our two cooperatives were created and built on the idea that there is a different way to provide health insurance. One intended to be more responsive to the needs of the individuals, families, and employers who have entrusted their healthcare to us. This makes your health plan truly unique!



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