Cost-Saving Care Options

Providing alternatives to traditional health care solutions.


We Know There is No "One-Size-Fits-All" When it Comes to Health Care.

At Group Health Cooperative of Eau Claire, we recognize that there isn’t one perfect solution to all of our member’s health care needs.

That’s why we offer our members a wide variety of alternative care options that can save you time, money, and stress.

We offer a variety of tools that can help you whether you’re bedridden with a cold, want to go over your symptoms with a nurse, or have an upcoming major surgery. Check out some of the options below.


Receive consultations and care from real doctors from the convenience of your phone for a fraction of urgent care prices.

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FirstCare Nurseline

Consult with a nurse, go over any signs and symptoms you’re experiencing, and determine if and what type of medical attention is necessary.

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Destination Medicine

Travel and experience world-class, lower cost health care.

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Valera Health

Text message service connecting SSI members with their case managers.

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Affordable Lab Tests of Eau Claire

Save time and money on necessary lab tests at Affordable Lab Tests of Eau Claire.

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