Runch? I Thought You Said Lunch!

by Melissa

Life is busy. I find that it's necessary for me to take advantage of any free time I have. Usually during the workweek, my only real free time is during my lunch break. I love to fit in a run if I can. To do this, there are many things I do to prepare and execute my runches (lunch runs.)


This step might be the most important, because if I'm not planning ahead, it won't happen! To prepare, I usually look at my upcoming week on a Friday afternoon. I look at how busy my days are with meetings and other responsibilities and determine which days I would like to fit in a run over lunch vs. which days I will have time to run or do my strength training at home. 

Next, I compare the days I plan to run over lunch to the predicted weather schedule. If it is looking like ice or extreme cold, I will probably opt to move some things around and run indoors on a treadmill at a different time. 

The last step in my preparation comes the day of my run.

Day of:

I make sure to pack everything I will need in a gym bag from my checklist below. I also plan on bringing a little extra food with me to work since I get really hungry around lunch time. I typically will eat something small about 30 minutes before my run. A rice cake with peanut butter and banana or some fruit and yogurt depending on my stomach that day. If you are new to running, experiment with different foods prior to your run to determine how your body responds. I typically don't feel well if I eat right before a run, so 30 minutes is a good buffer to get the nutrients digested. 

I also pack a larger snack/meal for after my run. Lately, I have been loving this salad with about 3 ounces of balsamic chicken. 

And that's it--planning time to exercise over lunch, whether it be running or just a nice brisk walk, is worth it. I love coming home at the end of the day feeling accomplished, and knowing that I have exercise for the day already checked off my to-do list. 

Runch Checklist:

  • Running pants/shorts depending on weather
  • Running top
  • Sports bra
  • Running Shoes
  • Good pair of running socks
  • Headphones
  • Running watch
  • Face wash/facial wipes
  • Extra deodorant
  • Yaktrax (for snow)
  • Gloves and headband (for winter)
  • Sunscreen
  • Dry Shampoo
  • Brush/Comb

What else do you pack for your runch?

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