Neck Pain? Try These Stretches!

by Sarah
Lately I have been feeling some neck pain and tightness which causes some nasty headaches.

With the combination of seasonal allergies, carrying an infant around, and finding myself slouching at my desk, this area of my body needs some extra attention.

People experience neck or upper back pain for multiple reasons. Some include:
  • Poor posture, especially while at a desk or sitting for an extended period of time
  • Current or previous injury
  • Muscle tightness or nerve impingement
  • Head position while sleeping
  • Dehydration
  • And many others!
Since having this on and off neck pain, I am realizing that I need to incorporate neck stretches into my daily routine.

Here were a couple of videos that I like that help me remember proper stretching form and how long to hold each position.

Dr. Jo's Neck Pain Relief Stretches and Exercises

Yoga with Adriene--10 Minute Yoga for Neck, Shoulder, and Upper Back

These stretches can be done any time--during a stressful work shift, while waiting at a stoplight, or even right before bed! Give these stretches a try and see how you feel!

Happy Stretching!

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