I Want to Workout With This Guy

by Joanna

People tell me over and over again “I hate exercising.”  And I say over and over again “find an activity that you like doing.”  You’ll most likely stick to it because it’s fun.  If you are looking to shed some pounds, it doesn’t really matter what you do – just get moving and burn calories.

He’s a reporter that is assigned segments on fitness.  He was looking for the next fitness craze when he stumbled on a stranger in New York City.  This man was just jammin on the sidewalk to his headphones.  This got Ben thinking that dance walking could become the next big thing.  The rest of the video shows Ben trying to get strangers to dance in the streets of NYC with him.  Hilarious.

The best part was that everyone was moving, and I’ll bet that a lot of those people never exercise.  Did they look a little ridiculous?  Maybe, but it also looked like they were having a blast.  If they kept it up, think about how many calories they would burn.  And you know what they say – one good habit leads to another! 

What do you like to do for activity?  What WOULD you like to do?


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