How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

by Melissa

No, this is not a diet; this is not an easy way to lose weight fast. These are the realistic and long term keys to success to find peace with food and exercise.  I have multiple different habits that I have put in place over my life that have set me up for success in losing weight and keeping it off.  Read ahead to find out what works for me, and what might work for you!  Remember, everyone is different and what works great for me might need to be tweaked a bit for you!

  1. I track all of my calories.  No, I do not find this tedious or too much work.  I would rather track my calories and know what I am eating and how much I should be having rather than guessing, gaining weight, and spending years frustrated with not being able to lose weight.  If you are unsure why you can’t lose weight I recommend tracking your calories for one day, week or month; you will probably find that you are consuming too many calories! I love to use the app, Myfitnesspal.
  2. I use my breaks at work for exercise.  Life is really busy and I know exercise is important.  I maximize all of my free time.  I use my lunch break to get some activity in, as well as another walking break during the day.
  3. I plan for exercise. If I know I will be busy at night, I plan ahead so that I wake up earlier to run, strength train, or do whatever workout I have scheduled.  I make exercise a priority, just like showering and brushing my teeth.
  4. I plan ahead.  Each night, I prep breakfast, 2 snacks and lunch for the next day.  Yes it takes time away from folding that extra load of laundry, but again, this is just as much a priority as laundry.  It saves me so much time in the morning and allows for those morning workouts.  It ensures that I make healthy decisions during the day so I am not tempted to eat out!
  5. I meal plan every week. Every Sunday my husband and I discuss what we want for dinner each night that week as well as prep a grocery list.  I put the entire list on the other side of the meal plan so everything I need is right there when I am shopping. Meal planning is by far one of the best tools to ensure healthy home cooked meals. 
  6. I do not fall off the wagon on the weekends. Every Saturday I wake up and get some sort of physical activity in for the day.  If I have somewhere to be in the morning, you bet I am up at 5 or 6 am to get a workout in.  It always feels so good to have a great workout to start the weekend. I also make sure to get plenty of fruits and vegetables on the weekends, and allow for some treats here and there, which leads to my next point.
  7. I plan for treats.  I am a firm believer in never restricting food. If someone offers me a cookie, or I am craving that ice cream, you better believe I allow myself to have it.  I have one serving and then tell myself that I am satisfied and I move on.  Life is too short not to enjoy some of those simple pleasures!  If I have a treat, I immediately log it in my calorie tracker so that I stay right on track with my calories for that day. 
  8. I track liquid calories. This means alcoholic beverages, coffee drinks, juice etc.  It all has calories, and it all adds up really fast!

If you implement habits like these into your everyday life, practice moderation in all aspects and be sure you take time for rest and relaxation, you will find success.  These habits will take time to become habits.  Be patient and work hard; your body, mind and soul will thank you!


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