How to Follow Through on SMART Goals

by The Cooperative
 As the new year begins, it can be a good time to reevaluate our health and wellness goals. These goals can be big or small, but most importantly, they should be SMART goals. SMART goals include goals that are:
  • Specific (details what you want to accomplish)
  • Measurable (how you will measure your progress)
  • Attainable (something doable; having the necessary skills or resources to achieve it)
  • Relevant (aligns with your overall goals and why it’s important to you)
  • Time-bound (time frame in which to achieve the goal; short term versus long term)
Once you’ve created your SMART goal(s), what strategies may help you stick with them? Here are a few tips to help you follow through with your SMART goal.
  1. Think Big Picture – Create short-term SMART goals that align with your long-term goals.
  2. Make Them Visible – Use a planner, calendar, phone reminder, or even a note somewhere you will see it. These reminders can be good not only for you, but for others around you who can help encourage you to stick with your goal.
  3. Acknowledge Your Stumbles – Nobody is perfect! Don’t get discouraged if you don’t stick with your goal on a particular day. Restart the next day with a plan and positive outlook to get back on track.
  4. Seek Advice or Suggestions from Others – If someone in your life has previously achieved the goal you have set for yourself, ask them what worked! They may have additional suggestions of what worked well or what didn’t that could help you stay the course.
  5. Set a Reevaluate Date – Once you have your SMART goal made, plan to check in on it in a few weeks or at the one-month mark. If things are going well, don’t change it! If there are obstacles you’ve come across or the goal was too easy, see how you can modify it to be more attainable and realistic.
  6. Reward Yourself – have a reward for yourself once you achieve your goal. Try to make the reward non-food related if possible. Aim for rewards that revolve around your goals, such as a relaxing massage or a new pair of walking shoes, for example.
Any time it comes to goal setting, you know yourself best! Do your best to create a SMART goal and stick with it as you move into the new year.
By, Coach Sarah

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