Health Benefits of Playing With Four Legged Friends

by Sarah

Hurray for National Puppy Day! Tomorrow we celebrate our furry friends with a day all their own. For starters, here are a few pictures of our lovable fur babies.

Guiness and Ruger

Above: My dog Guinness (left) and Coach Melissa's dog Ruger (right)


Now that we've gotten our puppy picture fix, let's talk about National Puppy Day. This day is an internationally recognized day to remind us about the importance of pet adoption and educate us about the dangers of puppy mills. They are the best of buds!

So, So what are some ways that a dog can benefit your health?

  • Increased exercise and outdoor activity.
  • Connecting with others--dogs are great at being social and helping their owners be more social.
  • Decreased loneliness, and improved mood and stress levels--I mean come on, look at those smiling faces!)
  • Improved biometric measurements--such as lower blood pressure, reduced cholesterol and triglycerides, and weight. These may also go hand-in-hand with the increased activity.
  • Improved immunity--being around a few extra germs can help our bodies be better at fighting them off in the future.
  • Protection--dogs are very loyal to their owners, and can offer protections should a dangerous situation arise.

Now that we know a few benefits of playing with our pups, it's time to get out there and enjoy National Puppy Day!

Be Well,


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