Excuses, Excuses!

by Megan

Losing weight and keeping it off is hard work, I think it’s ok to admit that to ourselves. However, it doesn’t mean we still can’t do it! Whether you’re one of those people who think you don’t eat ‘that much’ or you’re like me and don’t think you have the time to prepare healthy meals. We all have our struggles and excuses! Let’s look at some excuses I tell myself (and maybe you do too) and see if they are truly barriers or if I can come up with a solution.  

Eating healthy is just too expensive and with the economy the way it is… I understand that money is tight for many people, not just now but always. However, buying in-season produce, purchasing frozen vegetables, and clipping coupons (and remembering to actually bring them to the store- I always forget!) can help reduce a budget. In addition, forgoing junk food, impulse buys (those near the checkout), and sugared drinks should free up a few dollars. If you aren’t a menu planner or used to budgeting - I sure wasn’t - check out these great articles for a few tips: 



I don’t have time to cook my own meals or exercise… Ok, I have met a few people who genuinely do not have an hour to spare and I tip my hat to them and hope they don’t have to maintain that schedule forever. For myself, if I have time to go on the computer and watch television after work, why am I making those things a priority over my health? I do have an opportunity to prepare a few meals for me and my family if I set aside some time on the weekend. Then I can cook up several dishes and freeze them for the rest of the week. If you are trying to fit in exercise try taking your family out for a walk to clear your mind (or go solo while they’re doing the dishes!).

I can’t believe the doctor said I was overweight, compared to everyone around me I’m normal… Hmm, well according to the CDC, in 2008 33% of Americans were obese. That’s obese, not just overweight. Therefore, maybe I shouldn’t compare myself to the ‘norm’ anymore because odds are many of those people are carrying excess weight as well. Since this realization, I’ve picked a healthy weight range to shoot for and I’m going to get there by tracking calories and moving as much as I can.

What are some of the excuses you say to yourself most often? What helps you move past those excuses?

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