Cleaning Hacks for Around The House

by Melissa

We all know that having a clean house is nice.  Does anyone like clutter?  However, did you know that there are actual health benefits to living in a clean house?

Some health benefits include

Healthier overall: Increased cleaning sessions will decrease your family’s potential for sickness

Increased happiness: cluttered mess can have a negative impact on one’s happiness and affect the way we think feel and act.

Physical health: while cleaning does not count as exercise, getting in extra steps and more general movement is great for improved mood and heart health!

These are just few benefits to cleaning and maintain and clutter free house.  Now these seem great, but sometimes the thought of cleaning can be overwhelming.  I recommend splitting up your cleaning into lists by room.  Below are a few of my favorite lists to work from as well as some helpful cleaning hacks that actually work!

30 Day Declutter Challenge-This challenge assigns you one task a day for 30 days to declutter all around your house!  Decluttering is a lot less daunting when it’s laid out like this!

Kitchen Cleaning Hacks-The kitchen is one of those rooms that needs a daily wipe down.  Try some of these hacks to lessen your load every day!

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks-The bathroom is my absolute least favorite area to clean.  Some of these hacks make it a little more tolerable!

Whole House Deep Cleaning Checklist-This list will help you remember to get into every nook and cranny.  My husband and I split this list up a few weeks ago on a Saturday and we had the entire list done in 2 hours! We did skip the “Closets” and the “Throughout the House” categories. 

Do you have any cleaning hacks?

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