Are You Stressed? Try These 10 Kid Activities for Adults

by Sarah

Are you looking for some fun ways to relieve stress and feel like a kid again, or ways to spark your creativity? “Acting like a kid” can actually be a fun and therapeutic way of handling stress and improving memory. Here are ten activities that you can try that may work for you.

1.  Coloring Books – Research has found that coloring can help reduce anxiety. Grab yourself a coloring book at the dollar store or the children’s section of a store the next time you are there.

2.  Canvas – Looking to be more creative than a coloring book? Give a blank canvas with markers or paint a try.

3.  Jigsaw Puzzles – Take some time with others to put a puzzle together. If the puzzle is challenging enough, you may need the eyes of many to complete it!

4.  Pretending – You don’t necessarily have to play dress-up, but stepping into other people’s shoes is a great way to see other perspectives and mentally prepare you for scenarios in the future.

5.  Hopscotch – Draw some lines outside or use tape on the floor inside to create your own hopscotch pattern. This is a great way to get some extra physical activity too!

6.  Music – Listening to a variety of songs from the past and present can be very therapeutic.

7.  Drums – No skills? No problem! Drums are one of the few instruments that you don’t need to know well to play. Leave your cares to the wayside and play away!

8.  Video Games – Video games can improve your working memory and the ability to think about multiple things at once. Remember to always keep your daily screen time to less than 2 hours per day.

9.  A Diary – Whether you are keeping track of your exercises, calories, or just your everyday life, a diary can be your resource to look back on your journey and determine areas that may need some improving and which areas you are excelling in.

10.   Gold Stars – Those gold stars that you earned for completing homework or playing well with others could now be used when working toward a goal such as exercising more often, choosing fruit instead of a sweet treat, or choosing water over soda. Reward yourself and see how many gold stars you can earn!

Go ahead! Relieve some stress and let the inner-child inside come alive!


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Source: U.S. News and World Report


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