2020 Holiday Preparedness Guide

by Kayla

This holiday season is different, plain and simple. However, we can’t let what a circus the year 2020 has been take away our holiday cheer!  Here are some ideas for you on ways to approach this holiday season and keep yourself mentally and physically well.

Holiday Treats

Allow yourself to enjoy the types of food, drinks and treats that are memorable for this time of year. Just be wise about how you consume them. Make sure to drink enough water and get the types of food and nutrients your body needs like a variety of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. When it comes the goodies, enjoy and savor them. Just be careful not to overindulge. Keeping yourself hydrated and eating good quality healthy foods beforehand can help you come out of the situation feeling good and ready for the next activity.

As you are preparing these foods, keep in mind that you might not need as much as you normally would if your celebrations will have fewer people this year. For example, question whether or not you really need to make a double batch of frosted sugar cookies. Or see if you could get away with only make one type of cookie instead of preparing enough to look like you own a bakery!


I can’t think of a more perfect year than this one for families to reevaluate how they do gifts. Knowing that there have been various degrees of economic hardship as a result of this year, take a chance to talk with your family about the topic of gifts. Maybe the gift is spending quality time with the ones you love. Maybe it’s doing an act of service for someone. An act of service could be doing one of your partner’s chores for them, or shoveling your parent’s driveway for the first few snowfalls. Or maybe it’s giving physical gifts, but ones that truly mean something to the person, instead of just buying them a bunch of “stuff” or making some grand gesture.


For many people, this season is usually filled with a lot of hustle and bustle. This is our chance to experience something a little quieter. Take advantage of it and take some time to do something enjoyable for you. Don’t over think it! For a busy parent it could be something as simple as taking five minutes of alone time to listen to a song. Lock yourself in your closet if you have to! Okay, if you do this just make sure the kids are in a safe space or appropriately monitored by someone else. Keep it simple and do something you enjoy. Be sure to give your loved ones a chance to unwind if they need it too!

Try Something New

What a great time to try something completely new and out of the ordinary. If you are someone who has been secretly longing to have an all-day pajama day for a holiday, this is your time to shine. You can volunteer, you can enjoy the outdoors and go on a hike through the many trails in our area, or do one of these other winter activities Coach Shelby listed in her latest blog.

Whatever you end up doing this holiday season be sure to take care of YOU. All of us here at Group Health Cooperative are wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season!


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