12 Ways to Socialize Without Food

by Joanna

I hear from people a lot that it is hard to manage a healthy weight because it seems like everything they do socially revolves around food.  Whether its birthdays, holidays, weeknight get-togethers, girl’s nights, or guy’s nights, usually it has to do with eating.


So how can we hang out with friends when we are trying to watch our waistline?  Below are a few suggestions.


1. Painting – Something I’ve always wanted to try.  Follow along step-by-step with an instructor to create a masterpiece.  Think Bob Ross.  Or, make your own creation like this guy:

2. Hiking – Take a hike, literally!  Get some fresh air, enjoy nature.  There are a lot of great trails or paths around the area.

3. Bowling – Knock down some pins at the local bowling alley. 

4. Shopping – Always my favorite.

5. Hockey – Ha. Just had to throw this in there, of course.  But seriously, team sports are a great way to be active and build comradery with other people.

6. Museum – Get some culture, learn something new.

7. Volunteering – Donate your time to a good cause. Charities are usually always looking for help.

8. Biking – Borrow a bike if you have to.  Don’t forget the helmet!  My friend Lisa and I encountered a turtle, deer, turkey, and a skunk on our last biking trip.

9. Crafts – Hit up Michael’s Craft store to find something fun to create.

10. Movies – skip the popcorn and enjoy a flick with a friend.

11. Book club – Rotate who chooses the book and have a group discussion the readings.

12. Yoga – My friend Debbie and I try to get together twice a week for yoga and we have such a great time!



What are some other suggestions you have on ways to socialize without food? Share them in the comments below!



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