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Tools and Resources for our Members

Here at Group Health Cooperative of Eau Claire, we offer our members a variety of tools and resources to help them navigate the confusing world of health care, better understand their benefits, and live an overall healthier lifestyle.

Below are some of the resources we offer. If you have any questions or want to know more information, our Member Services team will help guide you in the right direction.

COVID-19 Information

Learn more about the novel Coronavirus and preventative measures you can take against it.

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Advance Directives

Learn how to make your health wishes known to your family and doctors in the event that you are unable to make health care decisions.

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Health And Wellness Programs

GHC offers comprehensive population health management programs for members which include complex case management and disease management.

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Preventive Care Guidelines

An important part of maintaining good health is preventive care. Our preventive care guidelines on prenatal care, childhood immunizations, adult immunization schedules and more will help ensure that you always know how you can best maintain your health and wellbeing.

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Request ID Card

Lose your Group Health Cooperative ID Card? No worries. Click here and we can get a new one sent to you, right away.

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Release of Information Form

The Release of Information form (ROI) is used to authorize the Cooperative to release health information to another individual or group. All fields need to be complete and physically signed to honor your request.

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Step Therapy Protocol

Step therapy is when approval of a medication requires prior therapeutic failure of an alternative medication that is used to treat the same medical condition.

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Maintenance Medication List

Here are our approved medications for the treatment of long-term conditions. Members are able to receive up to a 100-day supply of maintenance medications at a time.

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Preventive Screening Form

Prevent and detect any serious illnesses and conditions at an early stage by working with your primary care provider to stay up to date on preventive screenings.

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