Your Healthy Thanksgiving Plan

by Kayla
“Knock, Knock.”
“Who’s there?”
“Norma Lee.”
“Norma Lee, who?”
“Norma Lee I don’t eat this much!”
Just as we have finished up the last of the Halloween candy, it’s here, Thanksgiving!

For many people, this is just the beginning of the long, busy, and often food filled holiday season. Here are some tips to help you come out of thanksgiving happy and without making you feel like you must unbutton your pants.

Eat breakfast

Eat a healthy well-rounded breakfast to get your body on track for a normal day. Skipping a meal might seem like a good idea when it comes to calorie counting, but excess hunger can cause overeating when it comes time for the thanksgiving meal(s), making you feel miserable afterward. 

Move your body

Before you start cooking up a storm in the kitchen or hopping in the car to get to the gathering, take some time to get active. This will help you go into the day energized and feeling good. While a little exercise isn’t going to make up for an extra piece of pie, it certainly can help if you are planning to indulge. 

Have a plan

Triage the foods that are offered at the meal. What are your absolute favorites? What are the ones that you really don’t care for, or the ones you can eat year-round? Make a plan set around your level of food priority. If you are worried about offending someone by not taking something they prepared, don’t. Chances are they won’t actually care, and if they do, the point of the holiday is being missed. You, do you! 

Have a taste

If all of the desserts offered look too good to pass up, take enough for one to two bites of each. Besides, there are some studies that show that the first two bites of anything are the most satisfying. Your brain will tell you that you want more, but the rest of the bites won’t ever be as good as the first two. 

Drink water

Hydrate, feel great! Along with the savory food comes alcohol. Pace yourself and have a glass of water between drinks. Even if you aren’t drinking, staying hydrated can steer you away from overeating and also help you feel less bloated. 

Remember what this is all about

What?! Thanksgiving isn’t all about the delicious food? It’s about celebrating relationships with family and friends. So, focus on getting together with those you truly care about and make a point to spend quality time with them. Better yet, maybe you could all create a Grateful Gobbler together!

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