Yoga Dog

by Megan
Although it took me some time, I think I have finally grown to love my husband’s dog. She still sheds a lot and is sooo sloppy when she drinks water but she is just so cute I now look past those annoying, dirty traits. Watching her get up from her bed is the funniest – she always stretches. It’s the downward dog stretch or one where she arches herself forward to stretch her back legs.  Every time she gets up, without fail, she’s doing her own version of yoga!  So, we took a cue from her and started doing yoga as well. It was tough for me to get into the habit but the more I go, the more my body craves it I swear! One of the benefits is that I can comfortably touch my toes now - not something I could do a few months ago.  If you can’t get to a yoga class (or you don’t want to pay), there are free videos online. Not ready to commit to a full video? That’s ok too; here are some links to yoga poses to try on your own time (and in your own space):

If you give it a shot, let me know what you think. And if you have other resources or apps you prefer please fill me in!


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