Yoga Challenge for Beginners

by Megan

I don’t have time to go to a yoga class every day but I love how I feel when I’ve been practicing consistently (and to be honest, that’s been a few years). Because of all this I challenged myself to fit in a few poses of yoga every day. I didn’t put a time limit or number of poses on my personal challenge, I just wanted to do something. My back feels better, my morning routine doesn’t seem as rushed and I didn’t quit halfway through because I knew it didn’t have to be more than 5 minutes. Easy. If you would like to consider the same sort of challenge for yourself, I recommend checking out some basic yoga sequences below- my favorite is sun salutation.

5 Basic Yoga Poses to Make You Feel Fantastic in 15 Minutes

12 Yoga Poses for People Who Aren’t Flexible

Yoga video for those that have a hard time falling asleep- only 10 minutes.

Namaste Smile

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