Wild Weather? Try These Indoor Activities

by Shelby
Since the dog days of summer are upon us, sometimes staying indoors may be the best choice. Whether it's staying in due to rain and thunderstorms or a heat index of 90 or more, going outside doesn't work some days.

However, staying inside does not mean you can't get your daily activity in. There are many ways to stay active when the weather doesn't cooperate. 

Go to an Indoor Swimming Pool

This might not be the best answer for a rainy day if there's lightning, since the pool may close. But whether you're a member of the YMCA or not, you can use their indoor pool. Non-member simply have to purchase a day pass. This can work to keep the kids busy on a hot day. Otherwise, you could go by yourself for a relaxing swim.

Search YouTube or Pinterest for an At-Home Workout

YouTube has many free channels that offer great workout videos for all types of exercise. You can find yoga, weight lifting, cardio, kickboxing, and much more! My favorite channel is PopSugar Fitness! On Pinterest, just search what you're looking for, such as "no equipment cardio workout." Tons of options will pop up.

Exercise While Cooking Dinner (Or Any Other Task)

Adding basic exercises to daily tasks can help you increase your activity level. For example, while dinner cooks you can do squats, jumping jacks, counter push-ups, and lunges. Another option would be while watching a TV show, walk in place during each commercial, or take laps up and down the hallway. It may seem small, but it can make a difference.

Have a Dance Party With Your Kids

Now this one I have done many times, and I don't even have kids! Anyone can do this. Turn on your favorite tunes and get moving! I've also used this many times when I worked in childcare. Kids love to dance, and it's a great way for everyone to get their energy out while stuck inside the house. 

Next time you're bummed about the weather not cooperating, just remember to be creative and find a way to keep moving indoors!

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