What You Should Know About National Health Education Week

by Shelby
According to the Society for Public Health Education, NHEW (National Health Education Week) is focused on increasing national awareness on major public health issues and promoting a better understanding of the role of health education. The goal of health education is to improve consumer health and wellness as a whole.

You might ask “why is National Health Education Week important?” Well, having knowledge on any topic helps us to be better informed to make decisions. When it comes to our health, the more we know then the better we can take care of ourselves and others. Such as choosing a doctor and setting up a preventive care exam. Most individuals would like to know what their options are and the importance of getting a check-up every year.

NHEW is also important because it provides health education specialists with new tools and information to create better communities, schools, hospitals or any business that provides healthcare opportunities.
Topics for NHEW 2019
  • Championing health for vulnerable populations through advocacy
  • The future of health education and health promotion
  • School Health: Social Emotional Learning
  • Digital Health: Curbing misinformation by spreading true health education messages
  • Health Equity
The next time you think about your health class from grade school, think of the important things you’ve never forgotten. Maybe you remember hand washing techniques, the importance of getting a check-up, or the amount of exercise to get each week. No matter what you remember, those health educators were important people in your community who did their best to educate you about your health for the brightest future possible.

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