What is COVID Fatigue and How to Cope with It

by Shelby

We’ve all heard of fatigue during the pandemic as a symptom of COVID-19. However, COVID Fatigue is a term used to describe the overall sense of exhaustion based on a combination of challenges people may be facing during the pandemic.

A psychologist at UW Health compiled a list of possible types of COVID Fatigue and coping mechanisms for each one. You can find the article here.

Here are the 4 main areas of COVID Fatigue and ways to cope with them. 

Change Fatigue and Uncertainty Burnout

Things are changing every day and the overwhelming uncertainty of our sense of security and well-being.

Coping methods

  • Find the silver lining -- even with the little things in life.

  • Acceptance that life will continue to be difficult for a while.

  • Look for activities, new and old, that fulfill you and make you happy.

Depleted Surge Capacity

When your adaptive systems that we use for short-term survival in stressful situations are depleted. 

Coping Methods

  • "Take 5" mindfulness practice -- an example can be found here

  • Expect less from yourself and know it's okay to do so. Cut yourself some slack. 

Zoom Burnout

Working from home means more time in front of screens, which can lead to negative consequences.

Coping Methods 

  • 20-20-20 rule – for every 20 minutes you are looking at your screen, look away from the screen and focus on a spot 20 feet away for 20 seconds

  • Consider getting yourself some blue light blocking glasses – here are 2 pairs for $15 on Amazon

  • Use transitions to your advantage – when switching between calls and meetings, stand up and walk around for 2 minutes

  • Choose a type of movement each day – find a type of physical activity that you can do each day to potentially boost your mood

Doom Scrolling

Staying glued to electronic devices for find information on the disasters and stressors that our country is facing.

Coping Methods

  • Limit how much social media you are exposed to

  • Be mindful of the type of new you are consuming

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