Valentine Gift Craft

by Melissa

These flower pot petal tea holders make a perfect valentine gift for friends, family, and coworkers alike! My boss made these for myself and another co-worker for our work anniversaries! How cute!


  • 3-5 sheets of colorful 12x12 scrapbook paper
  • Hot glue gun
  • Stapler
  • Wooden skewer/dowel
  • Decorative gem (optional)
  • Flower pot
  • Floral Styrofoam
  • Filler decorative paper
  • 5 bags of hot tea


Step 1:  Fold one sheet of scrapbook paper in half and place hot tea bag on top.  Draw your petal around it so that it is wide enough leaving room for some tape.  


Step 2: Cut out your petal – use this as a template to create the remaining 4 petals.

Step 3: Place hot tea bag inside the petal template and line the inside perimeter with two sided scotch tape (shown as Xs in the photo).

Step 4: After all of your petals have been taped together, align them so that they all meet in the center and are evenly distributed.  Staple several times to hold all of them together. Place wooden skewer stick on the back and surround with hot glue.

Step 5: For the leaf, cut from scrapbook paper and glue to wooden skewer.

Step 6:  Cut a circle to glue onto the front of the flower to act as the center. Glue on any embellishments you may have.


Step 7: Place the floral Styrofoam into the pot and stick in the flower.  Cover the Styrofoam with paper confetti or cloth strips.


Now you’re done!


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