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by Megan

When I went off to school, I remember them asking me what vaccinations I had gotten in the past and I couldn’t remember! Thankfully, I had a mother that did remember and she was able to tell them. However, I couldn’t tell you now what I’ve gotten and when I got it. For those of you with a family, I imagine keeping everyone’s shots and appointments straight can be difficult - that’s where this blog comes in!

While on WebMD’s website today, I found out they have a Family Vaccination Planner. This tool can help you keep track of all of your family member’s vaccinations. Once you register (for free) you can add your family members to your account and then start entering which vaccines everyone’s had up to this point. If you aren’t sure what vaccines are recommended for kids, this site leads to another page that is full of helpful information that should answer your questions. Traveling with the family and not sure if you need to get any shots?

There’s information for that as well!
 The Group Heath website also has several printable immunization schedules if you’re just looking for information. 

What are your thoughts on the vaccinations recommended for children today? Do you have any tools or websites that you use to help your family stay organized?

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