Urine Trouble? An Easy Guide to Hydration

by Megan

Sooo, there is really no other way to introduce this topic so here goes: let’s talk about urine. Yep, this post is going to be about pee. Go ahead, turn red. Sufficiently embarrassed yet? Good, let’s move on then. Because we all go pee and it’s going to be getting warmer soon I figured it’s a good time to talk about staying hydrated and the way I was always told to check if I was hydrated was to look at the color of my urine. I was told if it’s a faint yellow then I’m probably drinking enough, if it’s too yellow I should drink more water. Here is a great chart I stumbled upon recently:

What does the color of my urine tell me?

This says that if your urine is clear you could probably cut back a little on your liquid intake; the goal is “pale straw” color. So, no need to feel  strange about it -check in on your hydration status once in a while, especially as you start to spend more time outside during the summer months.


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