Tricks for neck/shoulder pain relief

by Joanna

I always have really tight muscles in my neck/shoulders.  Every once in a great while, when I’m lucky, I get to have a professional massage and even she says they are bad!  One of the last times I was there, she gave me something to try at home for relief.  I’ll get to that in a second.

When I can, I try to roll my shoulders backward and forward to keep them loose.  I’ll do this either sitting at my desk, driving in my car, or whenever I think about it.  I remember about once a month, truthfully.

Quite a few years ago, a manager here at work had this really weird contraption that was supposed to be a “trigger point therapy self-massage tool” (below).  I got one, and it works, but I usually use it for my neck when I get headaches.  I have the Back Buddy (as do Coach Melissa and Coach Sarah.)

Back Buddy

Thera Cane


However, what has worked the best, and what the massage therapist suggested, was to take a foam roller, put it on the wall, lean into, and roll up and down.  This has been amazing!  Give it a try.  I do it a little slower than the video demonstrates, but I’m sure either way would be beneficial.  Let me know if you have other ways of relieving your neck/shoulders.



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