Tips to Practice Daily Self-Care

by The Cooperative
What comes to mind when you think of self-care? You may be picturing a spa day or a candlelit bubble bath. While these activities fall within the realm of self-care, there is a multitude of behaviors that can benefit all branches of life.

Self-care is promoting individual health through behaviors that support disease prevention and overall wellness.
It involves implementing and regulating habits that positively impact our lives - nutrition, exercise, hygiene practices, social conduct, living conditions, stress management techniques, and cultural beliefs.
Some examples may include practicing meditation, getting a massage, going for a walk, eating more vegetables, watching a sunset, organizing a space, burning a candle, or watching your favorite movie.
When applied regularly, self-care practices can reduce stress, increase self-esteem, strengthen relationships, and improve quality of life.

Tips for Practicing Self-Care

  1. Nourish your physical health. Focus on the mind-body connection. Establishing a healthy balance of nutrient-dense foods, proper hydration, daily physical activity, and quality sleep can improve mood, increase confidence, and combat stress levels. When you flourish physically, your mental and emotional health will soon follow.
  2. Declutter your mental space. The majority of self-care is mental, so hitting the pause button on your brain can help you regulate stress more efficiently. Try activities such as meditation, deep breathing, or gratitude journaling as a way to recharge. Carving out time for these practices can help you build resilience and radiate positivity.
  3. Be a social butterfly. Stay connected with those you love and cherish. Schedule time with your family and friends, join a social club or community group or volunteer at a local organization. Creating a social circle with like-minded individuals will foster a sense of belonging and shape your overall perspective on life.
  4. Make like a contractor and build it in. When practicing self-care, ditch the all-or-nothing approach. Even the smallest changes will be beneficial in the long term. Switch to decaf coffee once per week. Go to bed 30 minutes earlier. Allow yourself to experiment with new habits; over time, they will naturally settle into your routine. That being said, respect your personal preferences – if you tried something new and genuinely disliked it, there is no shame in trying something else.
  5. Automate your joy. What kind of activities soothe your soul? Reading? Music? Puzzles? Whatever it may be, set a recurring appointment for daily self-care. For instance, if you love reading, dive into a book every evening before bed. If it brings you joy, pencil it in and protect it fiercely.
  6. Keep your brain guessing. The ultimate self-care is continuous learning and development as a human being. Seeking new activities can unlock your potential, ignite your creative fire, and expose you to topics that instill happiness within you. Examples may include:
    1. Enrolling in classes or seminars on subjects of interest.
    2. Tapping into your creative side – playing an instrument, painting, or writing.
    3. Mastering a basic skill – gardening, cooking, or home repair.
    4. Engaging in various forms of movement – martial arts, yoga, or biking.
  7. Embrace your inner child. Just. Have. Fun. Take a note from your childhood and allow yourself to be silly and carefree when appropriate. Have a dance party, use a coloring book, play a board game, or get out in nature. After all, life is about embracing joy whenever possible.
When you practice self-care, you are treating your body with the kindness and attention it deserves. You, as a human being, are important and valuable. Set aside time every day to properly care for yourself.
By, Coach Kaleigh

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