Tips for Staying Active in the Winter

by Melissa

When the leaves begin to change and temperatures begin to drop, there are less and less people outdoors.  It's no surprise that many of us turn to indoor activity in the winter, but the decrease in temperature can also mean a decrease in activity. 

To maintain our health, it is so important to stay active year-round.  That's why I have come up with a list of ways to keep yourself motivated even when temperatures plummet.

  1. Have a plan-It is important to have your plan year-round, but in the winter when motivation levels drop, it is imperative to know what your workouts will look like from week to week.  It's easy to skip a workout that was not planned.   
  2. Have someone hold you accountable-whether this is a workout buddy or a family member pushing you to keep going, sharing your goals with people makes it more likely that you will follow through with them.
  3. Aim for shorter more intense workouts-If you are normally a person who does long steady state cardio outdoors, try switching it up by adding in a 30-minute treadmill run with sprints or an at home h.i.i.t. workout.
  4. Remember how good your feel after a workout-those post workout endorphin will raise your mood which is especially important during winter when seasonal affective disorder is most likely to rear its ugly head.  Aim to get some form of movement or exercise daily to boost your mood!
  5. Focus on activity-remaining active by staying busy is always better than being sedentary.  If you do find that you are unable to get in a good sweat session, just remember that the more active you are in your day to day life, the better!
How do you stay active in the late fall and winter months?

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