Things to Consider When Choosing a Gym

by Joanna

1. Location, location, location.

First, figure out when you will be hitting the gym most frequently. Will it be right after work? In the evening? In the morning? Depending on your answer, you might want to consider a gym close to your place of employment. If you need to go home before or after the gym, maybe a location closer to home would be better for you.


2. What are the hours?

More and more gyms are becoming 24 hours. Do you work odd hours and plan on being there after most other gyms close? Or are you just a late owl like myself?


3. How much equipment do they have?

Think about how you will be spending your time there. Cardio, strength training, or a mixture of both? Check out how many treadmills/ellipticals/bikes/weights they have. You don’t want to be spending your time waiting for a machine to open up. When you visit, try to visit at the time you will be working out. That will give you a good indication as to how busy it will be when you’re trying to exercise. 


4. Do they offer group classes?

This is definitely something I look for. I love group classes! It’s such an easy way to get in an hour of constructive exercise. I usually try to find a spot in class furthest from the door. That way I trap myself in there and can’t leave. Works like a charm. Also, check out what the classes are and what times they are offered. Do they work into your schedule? If you go to the same class at the same time, I bet you’ll make some friends, too!


5. Is it clean and well maintained?

When getting a tour of the gym or if poking around by yourself, look at the equipment to see if it’s dirty or broken. This could be a sign that a lot of cardio machines could be down for maintenance. And when it’s busy, that means you could be waiting for someone to be done with a treadmill.


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