Taking Yoga to a Whole New Level

by Shelby
If you're looking for an exciting, new activity this summer, SUP (stand up paddle) yoga may be your answer! It's a great way to challenge your balance abilities, destress through deep breathing, and enjoy the summer weather all at the same time.

This type of approach to yoga is offered by Floating Bliss SUP Yoga based in Eau Claire. SUP Yoga takes place on an anchored board within a quite spot on the lake. Locations include Lake Altoona, Dells Pond/Mt. Simon, or Coon Fork Lake. 

No experience paddle boarding or practicing yoga is required. Floating Bliss offers many different sessions that can help people at any level of balance and athletic ability find what works for them.

Floating Bliss SUP Yoga logo

Adult Paddle + Yoga (Ages 15+):

90-minute class that begins with a lesson about paddle basics. The lesson is followed by 45 minutes of yoga and open paddle.

Open Paddle (Ages 15+):

60-minute class about water safety and paddling techniques. Participants will have free time to venture on their own on the lake.

Paddle Core & More (Ages 15+):

90-minute class that is more athletic based to fire up the core.

Sunrise Paddle (Ages 15+):

60-minute paddle-only class to enjoy the beautiful morning. 

Maybe you aren't the yoga type but want to open paddle for some relaxation. Or maybe you love yoga and want to take your skills to the next level. Either way, this activity is something exciting to add to your list of things to try this summer!

More information about class offerings and the summer schedule can be found here

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