Summertime To-Do List

by Megan
It’s summertime and it’s time to enjoy it! One of my friends had a bucket list for what she and her family want to do this summer and while I’m not that creative I do have a few things that I consider “must dos” during these months.
  • Make homemade popsicles
  • Camp in your backyard- this is a nice compromise as my kids and husband want to camp but I would really rather not, so this way we can all sleep in the tent but I can sneak off when they are all asleep and head inside to the A/C and a real toilet.
  • Get the sprinklers out for the kids- this has already been done. And will continue to be done as it’s relatively cheap entertainment for our kids and the neighbor kids, while the adults get to relax and actually talk.
  • Go hiking. There are so many great parks in our area. If you are curious as to what is around you, visit and plug in your location.
  • Listen to live, outdoor music. Many places are carefully reintroducing outdoor concerts now and I am so excited.
  • See a drive in movie. I have actually never been to a drive in, the only one I have “seen” was in the old movie Grease but it sounds like such a fun idea for a weekend night. If you have been to one, or more, do you remember what movie was playing?

Stay hydrated, wear your sun screen and enjoy the start of summer!

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