Summer Activities to Keep Kids Active

by Megan
I’m sure you all know by now that adults need to get regular, daily exercise. But what about kids? Well, turns out they should be getting 60 minutes a day of some form of moderate-intensity exercise as well. If you’re kids are involved in summer sports or camps, odds are, they are getting that amount of exercise and then some. On the days they are home with you, here are some ways to increase daily activity (which, for us, means they will eventually fall asleep at some point, hopefully before I fall asleep trying to keep up).

Bike to destinations!

Tackle a few things on your to-do list while getting exercise. We brought books back to the library last night on bikes, we’ve also biked to the meat market, summer concert series, or church.

Scavenger hunt!

Create a list of items around the neighborhood, or in the woods if you live out of town, and walk around trying to check off everything.

Head to the park!

Parks have endless options for all ages. Younger kids can play on the playground, teens can play frisbee golf, and adults can play kubb!

Get in the water!

On a hot, humid day is there anything better than getting into the water? I think not. Hit up one of the pools in the Chippewa Valley, or grab your kayak and head to the river!

Depending on the age of your kids, you may have to be more creative. If they’re attached to video games, maybe hid the WiFi password in an envelope somewhere around the neighborhood and have them find it😊 If you’re kids are young, you may be able to just set out some props and relax. Our sprinkler created about a half an hour of running back and forth for our boys and the neighbor kids. So however you do it- stay safe, stay active and enjoy the summer!

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