Stress Relief With Tai Chi

by Sarah

Have you heard of Tai Chi? Most of us have, but don’t know all that much about it. Tai Chi was originally developed for self-defense and has evolved into a graceful form of exercise and stress relief. The movements of Tai Chi are slow, gently flowing movements, unlike yoga which includes holding various postures and using breathing techniques. These slow, low impact movements are accompanied with deep breathing, generally making it safe for people of all ages and fitness levels. Tai Chi is also a great option for older adults who may not otherwise exercise or are looking to get more physically active. This is a great exercise that can be done anywhere, anytime! Even if you aren’t able to do the Tai Chi movements, practicing deep breathing when stressed is a great option.

There are many benefits of Tai Chi which include:

  • Decreased stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Improved mood
  • Improved aerobic capacity, energy, and stamina
  • Improved flexibility, agility, and balance
  • Improved muscle strength and definition

Some additional benefits that may come from participating in Tai Chi are:

  • Enhanced sleep quality and immune system
  • Lowered blood pressure and joint pain
  • Reduced risk of falls in older adults



Although it may be easy to learn these Tai Chi moves just by watching videos online, it may be beneficial to attend an individual or group session to learn from a certified instructor. There are many class offerings right here in the Chippewa Valley. One place that I always look for new classes is on the Volume One website, in particular at the Healing Choice Oasis, LLC. Carol is a very knowledgeable instructor, and even provides classes outdoors in the summer! After being a participant of Tai Chi, I can attest to the stress relieving qualities it provides!

Now get out there and try something new for stress relief – Tai Chi!


Be Well,



Information for this article gathered from Mayo Clinic.


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