Stress Management for Employees

by The Cooperative
The topic of employee wellness is much more than focusing on their physical well-being. Mental health is also a factor of employee wellness that plays a vital role in productivity in the workplace and overall health status. About two-thirds of employees say they are stressed at work, and stress management initiatives are a starting point for employers to invest in their employee’s mental wellness.

Here are a few options of stress management ideas
to help employees cope with stress.


  1. Offering stress management skills training

    1. This could be in-person or online training offered to employees throughout the year through a third-party company. These training could include recognizing stress, ways to cope with stressful events, and ways to manage stress every day.  

  2. Reminding employees of the EAP services available

    1. Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services provide various help to employees. Employees can get assistance with financial issues, anxiety or other mental health issues, substance abuse, family or partner struggles, or adjusting to work-life balance.

  3. Provide self-management resources and education.

    1. There are many free or low-cost resources for stress management that could be useful for employees, such as mobile device apps, virtual seminars, and access to educational documents.

  4. Educating about a digital help desk

    1. A digital help desk for mental well-being refers to a comprehensive platform that provides action plans for employees, a digital coach, and an on-demand therapist for individual support. The best media for digital support are certified mental health sites with certified professionals working with the employees.

  5. Offering resilience training

    1. Resilience training prepares employees with a mindset ready to overcome a difficult situation. The training can help them gain the tools. Some topics can include understanding the circle of control, ability to identify emotions, skills to regulate emotions, realistic optimism, how to set achievable goals, and learning to thrive in ambiguous situations.

These examples are just a few ways to offer employee stress management. Stress management can help employees find work-life balance and improve their overall productivity. Stress is a massive part of our overall wellness, and they are moving towards a healthier life by taking steps to improve employee mental health.
By, Coach Shelby

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