Sticking to Your Workouts

by Sarah

Have you been skipping your workouts, or finding any excuse to keep yourself from working up a sweat?

I will fully admit that some days I just CANNOT seem to find the motivation to stick to my workout plans. Little excuses which lead to skipping the gym can eventually add up to many missed workouts. After reading this article, I thought that these strategies would be great for helping myself and readers alike to stick to their workouts.


  1. Count Everything and Add It Up

    Did you do some work around the house, walk the dog, garden, park further away from a building, or go grocery shopping today? Well count it! Even though you aren’t going to the gym per se, you are still being physically active. Lifting and carrying those heavy groceries may even burn a few more calories!

  2. Focus on the Now

    Not every workout needs to be at the gym. Think of times throughout the day where you can incorporate more physical activity even if it is only for 5 to 10 minutes at a time.

  3. Do What Feels Good

    For many, working out can feel like a chore. Choose movements and activities that feel good and that are the appropriate intensity level for you. Enjoying your exercise can be a great motivator!

  4. Take Ownership of Your Fitness

    We all have heard that we “should” exercise, but the most important voice is your own. Finding a workout buddy or fitness class to attend can be a step in the right direction, but sticking to a behavior is easiest when YOU are truly motivated from the inside.

  5. Make One Change at a Time

    When taking on a new goal or challenge, many people try to do multiple things at once – change their diet, exercise more, de-stress, etc. Try to focus on one change at a time. This will create more successful and lasting results.


To sum things up, “Do the physical movement you want to do, when you want to do it, for the amount of time your life allows.


Be Well,




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