Stay in Shape for Yardwork!

by Megan

This past weekend I helped my husband plant some trees in our yard. About 20 of them. Nay - exactly 20 of them. They were just small little baby trees but it was still 20 trees! I’m in decent shape but I started to whine a little to my spouse that I was just not cut out for this landscaping work. He looked at me, his eyes so sweet and concerned and said, “Babe, this is nothing. Stop complaining and mix the dirt please, we need to get these in today.” He’s just so sweet sometimes it melts my heart.

Sigh. Kidding aside, he was probably annoyed because I haven’t done half the “chores” in our yard this summer- he has, and he’s done them himself so I shouldn’t be complaining. But I did start to think to myself, how can I “train” for yard work? What muscles am I using that I should focus on strengthening? And then I thought of all the people I talk to who don’t do formal exercise but love to garden and work in their yard- how can they stay strong for these hobbies they love? Well, below are some exercises you can do you strengthen your back, arms, abs and butt.

Pushups - one of my favorite (and dreaded) exercises. It works so much in one movement and you don’t need anything but your body!






Aim to do those exercises twice a week, for 1-3 sets of 10-12 repetitions and see if the yard work doesn’t get easier. A bonus- these exercises should also help keep you strong for shoveling… I’m sorry to bring winter and snow into this post!


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