Setting Goals for the New Year

by Megan
I realize it’s January which means it’s the typical time of year everyone sets goals. I’m not opposed to setting goals, I just want to suggest people be specific in their goal setting, and focus on the habits that will help them achieve these goals. So, when I hear my coworker say they want to “eat healthier” I ask them to specify. Do you want to eat more vegetables than you do now? Are you trying to just make sure to eat more than once a day? In my case, I’m really trying to get on top of meal planning. This means that I need to:
  • Plan out meals for the upcoming week on Friday before
  • Do grocery shopping Saturday or early Sunday
  • Do as much prep work on Sunday afternoon or evening
It all seems so simple, right? And it is, however, I need to remind myself to get back to the basics- plan ahead, get your grocery list ready, actually grocery shop, and dinners will go so much smoother. It’s not rocket science but it is figuring out the steps that it takes for you to be successful.
I’m sure another goal for many people is to get more sleep or better-quality sleep. Again, a bit vague so let’s break that down. Personally, that means:
  • Swap out the afternoon cup of coffee for water or non-caffeinated tea
  • Reading before bed instead of watching tv
  • Making sure I get up at the same time on the weekends, not just during the week
So, if you are working on some goals for this new year, what specifically do you need to do in order to be successful?

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