Salmon - It's What's For Dinner

by Joanna

Why salmon? So many reasons! A 5 oz fillet of salmon has full day’s requirement of vitamin D. It is also a great source of B12, niacin, selenium, B6 and magnesium. And of course… it’s loaded with protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Salmon is associated with decreased risks of heart attack, stroke, heart arrhythmia, high blood pressure, and high triglycerides in the blood. If you want to do something good for yourself, then eat salmon!

How much should you eat, you ask. Good question. Benefits from omega-3 fat in salmon begin with as little as one serving per week. In many studies, most benefits start to show up with of 2-3 servings per week. Two grams of omega-3s is required for measureable benefits according to most studies (approximately 4 ounces of cooked salmon).

Depending on how much time (and motivation) you have to prepare dinner, here are three ideas on how prepare salmon, compliments of Good Housekeeping magazine. Each recipe calls for four 5-oz. skinless salmon fillets and serves four.

Tuscan Sun Salmon Salad: 15 minutes (Microwave)

Maple Sugar and Bulgur Pilaf: 25 minutes (Broil)

Crunchy Mustard Salmon: 35 minutes (Roast)

Let me know which one you try and how it turns out and I’ll do the same!

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