Preparing Brats for The Grill

by Sarah

It's finally spring! With spring comes another yummy way to cook our food--the grill!

Something that my husband and I like to have for dinner on occasion is brats. Since we're able to get our own brats processed, the brat flavor of choice in our household is venison. There are plenty of other types of brats out there, like "regular" pork brats, but there are also some leaner options like turkey, chicken or venison!

One way that I save myself some time and get tender, juicy brats is to pre-cook them in the crockpot prior to pan-searing or grilling them. 

It's easy and only requires:

  • Small crockpot set to the "low" setting
  • 1 package of brats
  • Water to cover the brats
  • Sauerkraut (if you're a fan!)

Simply place all of the ingredients in the crockpot and let it go to work! Your brats should be cooked through in about 4-5 hours on the low setting. Once cooked through, fire up the grill or stove top to sear the outside of the brat for some added crunch.

Not only do I use this recipe when it's grilling season, but I also incorporate it as part of our meal plan year round! The crockpot eliminates some of the extra cooking time.




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