Plugged In

by Melissa

Our world today is all about technology. Look around, everywhere we look, we are bombarded by ads, texts and social media. Even the most intimate parts of our lives have become dependent on apps, television, and tablets.


I am a person who can easily get overwhelmed when over stimulated. Too much noise, and too much on my to-do-list can send me over the edge and cause serious stress. This summer, a big goal I had for myself was to try and unplug as much as I could. I started watching less and less television, using my tablet less, and keeping my cell phone ringer on silent mode so that I only checked it when I wanted to, not whenever it went off.


Instead of relying on technology to keep me busy this summer, I started my own garden, read lots of good books, took more walks and cooked more meals at home.  I found that this caused me to slow down with my tasks, to lessen my stress, and even feel happier more often.


Technology may be on the rise, but it cannot compare to the smell of a brand new book, or the wonder of the starry night sky on a clear night, or even the color of the leaves on the trees as they turn in color in the fall. Always remember to take time for yourself, to unplug, and to stop and smell the roses. It may be a cliché statement, but it is also one of the truest statements I have ever heard!


In case you are looking for some good reads, here are a few of my favorites that I read this summer!


Big Little Lies, The Husband's Secret, and What Alice Forgot - All by Liane Moriarty

King and Maxwell, and Absolute Power - By David Baldacci

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn

God Help the Child - Toni Morrison


What are some ways you unplug from technology?



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