Planning Ahead: Coach Sarah's Current Favorites

by Sarah

My Favorite Time Saver

Lately, my favorite way to save time during the week is to order my groceries online and pick them up at the store already bagged. Coach Kayla also mentioned the ease of online grocery shopping in her last blog! I know it sounds lazy, but honestly it has been quite a time saver. It also keeps me from having to trek my six-month-old in and out of stores during the cold winter months which is a plus. I have been using the Woodman’s app which does have a $4.99 charge to have someone shop for you, but it has been worth it to me! I will gladly pay the extra fee to stay at home in my pajamas shopping while spending the extra time with my family.

My Favorite Planner

Another way that I like to save time and keep myself organized is to use my planner. The planner that I use is small enough to fit in a purse which can be easily carried with me wherever I go. It has a monthly calendar as well as weekly calendars to write in all the things I need to remember – work schedules, daycare schedules, our meals for the week, and any extra things we have planned like volleyball or plans with friends. Planning has always helped ease my mind and makes the week go by smoothly.

My Latest Goal

One of my latest personal goals is to increase my vegetable intake. One area that I have been struggling with is adding veggies to all my lunches. This has been a goal that I have started to focus on during the last month, and it has made me more mindful of my lunchtime choices. If I can, I also add them to my breakfast so that I make sure to get in as many servings as I can. Any little bit helps, and it all adds up!

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